Welcome to New Covenant Church . . .

a new church plant in the West Plains of Spokane County

  “What Kind of Church Are We to Become?”

No church can fulfill the entire mission of Christ in an area.  But all the churches within a region begin to fill out the entire mission of Christ.  Each church, while sharing a common allegiance to Jesus Christ as head of the church universal, nevertheless bears a unique assignment in the big mission of Christ to bring the redemptive grace of God in Christ to that area.  We invite you to learn more about our unique assignment to our church family and our unique assignment to the community of the West Plains.

New Covenant Church . . .

Is committed to the Biblical Mandates of Family, and Culture.  Each of these Biblical injunctions, inform and guide our energies.  The Family Mandate is to care for the well-being of the church itself and each of her members in particular.  The Cultural Mandate is for the church to care for the well-being of our society; to be a good neighbor and a significant influence in society for righteousness, justice, and peace.  We equip people for service to both the church and the larger society of West Plains and Spokane County.

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